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Delivery Policy

Time of delivery

We will do everything in our power to deliver your order on time, although it may vary due to different factors: availability, road traffic, couriers’ availability…etc.

Delivery on weekends and holidays

We can’t guarantee delivery on holidays, but will look for ways to make it happen. Most of the couriers imply extra changes for weekend and holiday deliveries. If this is the case, we will contact you to find a solution.

Change to orders

You can modify your order 24 hours prior to delivery (48 hours for pre-holidays). To make any changes, please contact us via email or online chat. We will send a notification by email to confirm changes. If changes are made within 24 hours prior to delivery, we will try our best to deliver.

Hotel \ Restaurant delivery

Most hotels and restaurants prohibit couriers from entering beyond the reception desk. If you make this request, please specify the number of the hotel room and the name of the receiver. It is the most likely that the bouquet will be handed to the receptionist.

Delivery of extra items\gifts

A selection of Vases, Teddy Bears and Chocolates are available in the Gift section of our website. The appearance of the real items may differ from what you see on the website depending on stock availability.

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